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Dr. Sanjay Gupta: ‘Race for the Vaccine’

In the United States, the finish line for the pandemic as we’ve been experiencing it for the past year-plus is very much in sight — so much so that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention essentially said so on Thursday: Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks indoors or out, or…MORE

Talking on Zoom could help older people stave off dementia

Talking on video-conference services like Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic has helped older people stave off the effects of dementia, a new study has suggested. Researchers found that regular communication helps maintain long-term memory, and elderly people who often use online tools showed less decline in memory than those who don’t. The study, by the…MORE

Disney World changes mask requirements for guests

In a major moment for Disney parks, and the theme park industry overall, Walt Disney World changed its mask rules for guests following new guidance from the CDC. The resort located in Orlando, Florida announced Friday that masks and face coverings for guests will be “optional in outdoor common areas” at Disney World starting on…MORE

Jay Barbree, space journalist and ‘Moon Shot’ author, dies at 87

Pioneering space journalist Jay Barbree died Friday, according to his former employer, NBC News. He was 87. Barbree joined NBC News in 1958 and covered every non-commercial manned spaceflight in the US, from Freedom 7 to the final space shuttle mission. He worked for the network for nearly six decades. In 1986, Barbree covered the…MORE