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How two funerals helped turn one small Georgia city into a hotspot for coronavirus

When a retired janitor suddenly died in southern Georgia, crowds of relatives and friends flocked to a local funeral home and mourned together. Within weeks, their city was overrun by coronavirus cases. That cluster of coronavirus cases was linked to the funerals of 64-year-old Andrew J. Mitchell and another man, held in late February and…MORE

Humans are terrible at being apart. Here’s why and what to do about it

In Tokyo, crowds have been congregating in parks each day to see the cherry blossoms at peak bloom. Some 6,000 miles away in Washington DC, people were doing the exact same thing. Like so many people in so many countries, they are willfully ignoring government advice to stay at home and to keep well away…MORE

FBI sees spike in gun sale background checks amid coronavirus pandemic

The FBI reported a 41% surge in background checks by individuals attempting to purchase firearms in the United States last month, according to newly released data from the agency, a significant increase over the same period last year. The new figures indicate 3.7 million gun purchase background checks were conducted in the month of March…MORE

As tragic toll from virus rises, so do questions about Trump’s leadership

President Donald Trump‘s White House appears powerless to halt an increasingly tragic trajectory in the coronavirus pandemic as the death toll climbed by nearly 1,000 on a single, dark day. Vice President Mike Pence warned in a CNN interview that the most comparable example for what is to come is Italy, which has endured weeks…MORE